We see the process of sending out missionaries as a partnership between Pioneers, the mission agency, and the local church. Furthermore, those who are called to obediently walk in ministry are also called to invite a team of people to walk with them and partner them through prayer and financial partner.

Sending Church

Jesus said that His disciples were to be witnesses from Jerusalem to the remotest part of the earth. What does that mean for you and your church? What if your church has been uniquely designed for a powerful global role that can also energize, empower, and fulfill your congregation? We are convinced that God is using and will use His Church to reach the world and to disciple, encourage, partner, direct, and care for generations of Christian workers worldwide. We want to explore ways Pioneers can partner with your local church as you seek to fulfill your calling and dreams for global outreach.

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Prayer Partner

Missions is more than just going to places where few dare. Missions is joining with God as He is at work in those places. The task is enormous, however we know that our God reigns. He is able to change hearts. He is able to move mountains if we would “have faith in God” and “ask in prayer” Mark 11:22,24. We invite you to join us in prayer as we are convinced of the truth that “The history of missions is the history of answered prayer” (Samuel Zwemer).

Prayer Partner

Financial Partner

 God is raising up people to GO and proclaim His name among the 2.0 billion people who live without access to the Gospel in their language and culture. 

A question remains: “And how shall they proclaim unless they are sent?” —Romans 10:15

Those who commit to pray and give financially are part of their team. Comparing his role to that of a miner descending into a mineshaft, William Carey offered to serve in India but called upon his team in England to “hold the rope.” Would you consider joining us to hold the rope for Pioneers workers who God has called to go?

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